Patented Sulfur and Iron Removal System

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Patents #9,499,417 and 9,434,626 – Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration

Sulfur (rotten egg) Smell is a naturally occurring gas present in groundwater called Hydrogen Sulfide. This foul smelling substance is quite common in well water and it comes and goes for no particular reason. There are several methods for removing sulfur but the most cost effective and best is aeration. Since nearly all wells containing Hydrogen Sulfide also have hardness and iron issues most customers will also need a Water Softener – owner Scott R. Handy has Patented a revolutionary new system. “Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration” is essentially an aerated Water Softener that uses either a micronizer (air injector) or air pump to inject air into the well water supply prior to the well pressure tank. With over 10 years of installing this low maintenance and simple system on a wide variety of water chemistries, this unique Water Softener has proven to work on even the worst problem water.