X-Large Heavy Duty Water Softeners


Water Softeners are typically installed on well or city water supplies containing excessive hardness (calcium/magnesium) over 7 grains per gallon. On wells containing high Iron content (<0.3ppm) Water Softeners are great for improving water quality and they prevent the telltale signs of brown/black staining on kitchen and bathroom fixtures and the stains that ruin laundry. Showering is much more pleasant in soft water, and will help your dishwasher give you sparkling dishes. Our systems consist of both a pre filter for sediment and carbon post filter for very high water quality. Made of only the highest quality generic components that are easily repaired – our custom built Water Softeners will be the only system you will ever need to purchase. Watch these videos to meet the owner Scott R. Handy and learn how Water Softeners work:

Part 1 of How Water Softeners Work

Part 2 of How Water Softeners Work

Part 3 of How Water Softeners Work